Our Kosie Story

Where it all started

From weekends spent in the kitchen with Mum to a childhood dream of growing, cooking and providing real food through the process of preserving. Kosie Country Made has been in the making for decades and finally became a reality in February 2013. We pride ourselves on making real food, free from additives & nasties, to stock your pantry. Just like the good old days! 

With a pantry full of goodness, we hope we can inspire families to create delicious wholesome meals, with the addition of Kosie Country Made real food products. Giving families a chance to create paddock to plate dishes,without missing out on any of their favourite flavours.

Our Story

There’s no doubt that cooking and sharing our love for good food has always been a huge part of our lives. Together, we opened the Amble Inn Snack Bar in Deloraine and it was here that we started sharing our passion for preserves and pudding. Demand was high, and we realised just how much we loved sharing this part of our lives with others, particularly those who can’t make it themselves anymore. It was time to turn a passionate dream into a reality.

Our two children, Kory and Rosie, are just as much involved as we are. Family means everything to us so it was a given that the business was named after our two biggest accomplishments; Kory + Rosie = Kosie Country Made! As a family we grow some of the produce, the kids help Mum with the cooking and Dad is the packaging/general all-rounder. Together, we make a great team and we’re all extremely proud of the produce that comes out of the kitchen!


The lady with a delicious dream! I’m the extremely enthusiastic and passionate lady behind Kosie Country Made, always busy in the kitchen cooking up all the goods and creating new recipes! Cooking and being in the kitchen has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember; from under Mum’s feet annoying her in the kitchen, through to today when I have my own children in the kitchen helping me make the produce for our small business. 

Growing up in the country I have always loved country town communities, the support we share with one another and the way the community becomes a family of its own. Jaime and I have been married for 17 years, he’s my biggest support and best mate, and we are lucky enough to give our own two children the country life we both loved so much growing up. 

I have always enjoyed the challenge of cooking, and growing our own food at home makes it even better. We get to enjoy meals with family and friends from home and I’m never short for ingredients with my pantry stocked full of all my preserves made with love. A lot of my inspiration comes from old cookbooks I have kept over the years, I find at the op-shops or even gifted to me by local elderly friends. I like to use recipes as a base and then add my own twist with different flavours to suit our families taste. I wouldn’t be the cook I am today without all the time in the kitchen with my Mum and late Aunty Carol, who taught me the skills I know today and inspired me to love cooking and sharing it with others. I can’t wait to share my family recipes with you!

Kosie Country Made is our family in a nutshell! My wife Kim and I get to share the joy of being parents to our wonderful children, Kory & Rosie (Kosie), and we are lucky to have raised our family in the Tasmanian Country, I couldn’t think of a more suitable name for our business together! From our passion for real food and sharing it with others, our business was brought to life. What Kim produces in the kitchen, the hard work & determination she puts into all of her products, it simply amazes me. She loves to create good food the old fashioned way, and she loves it even more when she gets to see people enjoying her cooking. 

When we’re not busy in the kitchen or packaging up all the goodness, my son and I love to race motor-cross and as a family we enjoy getting away for family adventures in the outdoors making precious memories through good old fashioned fun! 

The next step for our family is to purchase a small farm so we can further expand Kosie Country Made; grow more produce on site and share the amazing products with even more people.