In the beginning…..

“The best dreams happen when you’re awake…..”


Since I was a little girl or should I say since I could retain a memory, I have wanted to be just like my mum a very resourceful woman who made sure her tribe never went without! That meant making something from literally nothing. I always get tingly with so much love when I remember all the times mum stayed up near all night to finish sewing for crafting birthday gifts for us, this will always be the ones I truly treasure as I know how much of her heart went into creating each one, there were dresses, tracksuits, dolls outfits the list is endless…. She will tell you I was always nearby sitting at her feet or beside her whenever that sewing machine came out collecting all the scraps to conjure up my own projects (many were hand sewn bags that held my doll etc and they nearly always fell apart but we all start somewhere) and then just praying that I had been good enough and shown the maturity needed to allow me have a go on her absolute pride and joy of her Toyota sewing machine. Then there was her amazing cooking the REAL good food, veggies from our own garden or sourced locally usually through a trade of sewing of school uniforms or babysitting (more kids for us to play made us happy kids too a win win) or general sharing of produce amongst local families and Dad would source the meat for our meals often from hunting the wallaby/rabbits nearby and then beef, lamb and chicken all raised on our little 12 acre farm at West Takone on the North West of Tasmania.  There was never had a lot of money so we thought we were royalty when special deserts were made and served after a good day at school or we all got through the day all getting along and not causing any due stress to poor mum (I am the eldest of 5 children in our family). My Mum is nothing short of an amazingly strong woman so when I grow up I want to be just like my Mum x


My other total inspiration or strong footprint of a woman in my life from a career perspective was my Aunty Carol.  Although she was not a blood relative I have also been raised to believe that family is not just blood it’s the love and kindness given through others and my Aunty Carol was that love and kindness.  She was who I aspired to be in the professional working world.  Aunty Carol was also an amazing cook and has always encouraged me to experiment with every recipe or idea I have been given .  She wrote on a lot of recipes that would always arrive randomly in the post often a photocopy or handwritten recipe handed on by a friend of a friend saying ‘this one is great Kimmy, but remember to watch as I was distracted and burnt the pot’ or ‘hide this one as Uncle Lance is a piglet and ate the whole lot’.  She also worked as a executive assistant in Superannuation and Financial Planning and I so wanted to be like her growing up heading off to work in the corporate world then heading home to their Oasis in Somerset set on 5 acres, she would change from her 9-5 gear into her comfy yard clothes and set off amongst her goats, sheep, ducks and chooks and her always amazing veggie patch always growing something different that fascinated me into what would I would learn to cook from the abundance of produce grown.  She also founded my love of crocheting and knitting from her own sheep and goats wool especially from Flossy the goat who was quite a cheeky character and often had all us kids in fit of giggles.  I still hold on my book shelf the many books of sewing, knitting and cooking  given as Christmas and Birthday gifts.  Aunty Carol was a big believer that through books is knowledge and knowledge is power.  Although she is not longer here with us she is certainly in my heart and never far from my everyday thoughts.

So my Mum and Aunty Carol are the ones who have really been my biggest supports and inspired me to be true to myself and what I have achieved so far. I now have the courage to be me and very excited to share that with you as well as sharing my Kosie life and all that comes along with it …..

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Kim Broomhall

Hi I am Kim, aka MrsKimmyMum, a born and bred Tasmanian, wife, as well as a proud mum of 2. My passion has always been to create and enjoy wonderful experiences in the kitchen, garden, or at my sewing/craft table. I look forward to sharing those adventures with you.


7 January 2017


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